Thursday, February 5, 2009

Review -- TIM HUS - Bush Pilot Buckaroo

Tim Hus
Stony Plain Music
Tim Hus is an interesting voice in terms of Canadian country music these days. Hailing from Calgary, this guy is about as country music as you can get. He comes across as real with songs which are uniquely about this country, such as the opening cut Dempster Highway.So what sort of country is Hus about, given that country is a pretty diverse world these days? Well, there's a pretty big helping of Stompin' Tom Connors, mix in some Ian Tyson, nearly a given for any country artist from Alberta, and add in some modern Corb Lund sense abilities, and you have Hus.It is rather interesting how Hus combines elements of the three. Dempster Highway has a sound a bit like Lund, where Hockey Mom is like a near ode to an earlier Connors song, while Tyson just echoes through all 12 songs.Now if you are into Nashville country, or at least what that city spins out as country these days, Hus' music is not really for you.But if you want your country a little more roots-based, country that rings true like a pair of cowboy boots scarred by barbwire, then Hus is a must have. Now Hus isn't about country that is all cows and horses, but instead he uses that sense ability to tell more modern stories of the Canadian west, stories like what the title song Bush Pilot Buckaroo tells. And Roadhouse Band tells and Coal Mine tells. These are stories of people still working hard, sweating hard, playing hard, living life to its fullest.Hus is an exciting new country voice calling to listeners in Canada, and anyone taking the time to hear what he has to say in his songs will enjoy the experience.Definitely a CD to check out from the noted Canadian label Stony Plain.You can check out this exciting new voice at

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Jan. 14, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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