Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Review -- DANIELA NARDI -- The Rose Tattoo

Daniela Nardi
Mineva Road
Ah sometime being a reviewer is such a pleasure, and that's because CDs come across the desk from artists you have not previously heard of, and from the opening notes of the recording you are captivated.Such was the case with Daniela Nardi, a performer that at times reminds of the Wyrd Sisters, at times of some of Stevie Nicks best solo material.It's not that Nardi has a voice like Nicks, I mean no one does, but she does have a style that matches at times. That style is a voice and musical presentation that immediately demands the listener's attention. You are totally in her spell.So how good is Nardi, well she is up for Female Vocalist of the Year for the 2009 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards. Yet, as you listen to The Rose Tattoo, jazz isn't really the first thought you have regarding the music. Yes, there are jazz influences, but this is really more mainstream in my mind. This music would fit pop, college and even the softer side of many rock stations.As much as this is getting recognition by a smooth jazz awards show, it should be noted that as bonus tracks Nardi offers up nu jazz mixes of Cry and Fugitive Kind as bonus tracks, letting us know the original renditions were designed from the outset to appeal to a broader audience, and well they should.It might be because Nardi's work has some very compelling lyrics. As a songwriter this gal has talent equal to her vocal abilities.Nardi writes emotionally charged songs, and that is set from the lovely opening with hand drum work on Maddalena Blue, through songs such as Cry, with a definite Middle Eastern feel, Book of Days, Fugitive Kind and the deeply moving Longest Road.In terms of true jazz, Still probably comes up closest to that label.This is Nardi's second CD, her debut One True Thing released in 2003, and while not yet having the pleasure of hearing that work, I have to say I'll be looking for it, given how wonderful her follow-up is.This is a CD that starts with a somewhat upbeat piece, and goes through 10 greats cuts that touch on many of the base emotion of the human spirit. This girl lays her emotions on the line in the lyrics, and her strong voice carries them home smoothly.Overall Nardi offers up something quite special here. Don't miss it. Check her out at www.danielanardi.com

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Feb. 11, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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