Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Review -- INNER SURGE -- An Offering

Inner Surge
Cyclone Records
Well there is no mistaking what sort of music the Canadian band Inner Surge is all about – they are metal, plain, simple, direct, in-your face. Now with these guys that isn't a bad thing. They offer up pretty straight forward metal, albeit they do move into the screamer vein a bit too much for my personal tastes. I don't want have to have to dig out CD liner notes to get what they are screaming into the microphone. Too bad they go that far, since these guys have some dark, moody, and politically aware lyrics. They write lyrics that are edgy, and that is a plus. Too often metal bands are so intent on serving up thrashing guitars that they forget they need to write something compelling for listeners to hear beyond the loud music. Inner Surge has at least recognized that. When these guys bring down the vocal volume, such as the cut Crossing The Line, they really are an excellent metal unit. They need to listen to that song a bit more themselves to understand just how good they can be. The rest of the CD will appeal to those who like it 'loud', and to those who like their metal with an occasional flavour added from somewhere else. For example, on Halliburton Piggies and The Monroe Doctrine, there are little electronica-influenced rifts that are nice changes of pace in the music. These guys may be full metal, but you can tell their influences are more broadly based. There are times punk sensibilities percolate through, and the music is often driven into the world of industrial metal. Of course you should expect this band to offer up something that stays fresh and professional in the sense they are veterans of the recording booth, going back to 2001 with their debut Solos Verum. An Offering shows the maturity you would expect, in that it is varied, yet well-calculated in its approach. The lyrics again also show Inner Surge is comfortable telling it like they see it, which is often a good sign of musical maturity too. Overall, metalheads will be pleased. For others, Inner Surge might take a bit of adapting too, although the liner notes makes good dark poetic reading for anyone. Check them out at www.innersurge.com

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Feb. 18, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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