Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Morgan Childs Quintet
Cellar Live
Time is the debut recording for the Morgan Childs Quintet, a jazz outfit out of Vancouver led by drummer Morgan Childs. It best not be the last recording for this excellent quintet. These guys cook from the get-go, offering up a 9:10 rendition of Omicron as the lead in cut on this fine CD. From that point on these guys just grab the listener and hold their interest through to the last strains of The Closer, a 10:13 number penned by Childs which wraps up this CD. Childs also contributes writing duties on Behind the Bar, and Simmer Low. Childs is joined by Chris Davis on trumpet and Evan Arntzen on tenor saxophone, and both are given ample opportunity to shine here, often taking centre stage for sweet solos. Amanda Tosoff adds fullness to the sound behind the piano, and Sean Cronin adds the soul with his bass. Tosoff also gets writing credits on the sweet cut Re-Entry. Of course as you might expect, the drum work of Childs often gets to carry the day too, which is a nice change of pace in its own right. The quintet is wise enough as a unit to let the individual pieces shine at times, yet come together near flawlessly as a unit to weave their combined magic. The pieces here are all joyously free form in the sense that they are on the Cellar Live label, with the music caught off the floor, meaning we get to hear the longer renditions you would if you were there in the club. In this case that means you're in for a treat, as the quintet are in the groove, hitting the sweet spot with almost every number and note. As a debut Time comes off as a seasoned effort, one which should herald in a long studio career for these guys. An excellent CD with no weak spots. If you are a jazz lover this is really one you should mark as a must have.Check it out at www.cellarlive.com

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Feb. 25, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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