Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Review -- SHELLEY LYNNE -- Mazatlan 2008 Live !!!

Shelley Lynne
There is an old adage music is universal. Well Shelley Lynne could be a poster gal for that. Born in Edmonton, this blues singer is based out of Brandon these days. Along the way she married her bass player in London, England, and this CD is recorded live at Canucks in Mazatlan, Mexico. You've got to love the frequent flier miles associated in that little geography trip. But, can Shelly Lynne sing? Yep, this lady has a fine set of pipes, and it works around the blues smoothly. The people at Canucks on the night this CD came to life would have left the establishment well satisfied. There are cuts here that are really solid, starting with Start It Up, a song which is both toe-tapping, and yet purely blues.Cadillac Blues works too, as a traditional blues number. There are songs here; such as Ka Ching, which don't quite measure up in terms of content, lyrically at least, but that can be the curse of a live album, where musicians often mix in a b it of everything to match the varied tastes in the audience. That said, this CD doesn't really suffer because of it, since you are supposed to be in the audience mood given the content. Overall, the blues lady is at her best when the songs have an air of naughtiness to them; witness the cut I Love Him With A Feeling, a song that will have many in the audience smiling wryly, or out right blushing. There is a hearty helping of flirtation the way she attacks a song, and hey that just translates into fun blues. It works for her. Smokin' In Bed a delicious little number too, that again has deliciously naughty undertones without ever crossing the line too far. Considering Shelly Lynne is just across the border, I have to wonder why she hasn't played Yorkton. The blues used to be a regular thing, and it would be great to see it back at least as a monthly musical treat. If that were to happen, this lady should be in the rotation. Solid blues, with a touch of R&B and jazz which is worth checking out at www.myspace.com/hipshakinmamashelleylynne

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper March 4, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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