Thursday, April 16, 2009

Review -- CANDICE CHANTRELL -- Behind The Mic

Candice Chantrell
All right then music fans, Behind the Mic is something I don't often get to review, Canadian hip hop / R&B.
While a bit of a rarity, Candice Chantrell surprises right from the opening song I Depend On Me. This TO-based singer has the style down pat. Her voice is perfect for the genre, and the material, most of it coming from J. Peters, melds well with her vocals.
This girl is the total package for the genre, starting with the drop-dead gorgeous look. A sweet blonde that exudes the sexuality usually associated with the music.
The good news is that Chantrell is more than hot good looks. She offers up a voice that carries the sultry emotions of songs such as Know Me Well, to a 'T'. You are truly carried into the emotion of the material, and with hip hop / R&B that is a must. If the singer doesn't connect the listener to the emotions the CD just comes across as flat.
That is not the case here. You become emotionally invested in what Chantrell is singing.
While many songs are love songs, there are some 'just fun' cuts that have dance floor written all over them, in particular Down to the Disco. This one has hot dance floor move images all over it. I don't even mind the rap aspects mixed into this song, and rap is one of only two, or three music genres I generally cannot stand.
Chantrell has it going on throughout this CD, and as a debut effort, you have to think she has a future, if she gets a push. That of course is a real key. So much of this genre is image, and promotion, and as an indie release it might be hard to create that larger than life persona.
Still, musically, Chantrell is very solid, and as a first CD Behind the Mic is impressive.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper March 18, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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