Thursday, April 16, 2009

Review -- DIANA Z -- All I Want

Diana Z
A few readers out there will recall Diana Z (Zitmanis) from a performance in Yorkton not so many months ago at 5th Ave Cup and Saucer, and from a featurette in Yorkton This Week.
Well Diana Z, who headed back to 5th Ave Cup and Saucer Saturday, also has a CD out, and it's a good one.
The music here is pop / roots in its approach, achieving moments of greatness, mixed in with a cut or two where Diana gets a bit too British poppish for my liking. Coffee Song is one such song. The lyrics are solid, but the style is less to my liking.
There are a few times when Diana Z resonates a bit British-pop. For example Indigo has a vocal flavour but so unlike a modern Lulu from To Sir With Love fame.
OK so, what about the good? Well fortunately Diana Z hits more highs than low, starting with the lead, and title cut All I Want.
The best of the bunch is likely the song Burning, which has a bit more edge. This is a song that owes its approach more to a Canadian icon such as Sarah McLachlan.
The performance in Yorkton was an acoustic affair, just Diana Z, her guitar and her clear voice. The CD has greater depth, at least instrumentally, and that gives us a truer vision of just what she is trying to accomplish.
There are songs here which should be on radio, Something Else coming to mind as a hit waiting to be discovered, as is Tortured Soul, another McLachlan-like piece.
While not every song here strikes a chord, as a whole All I Want works. Diana Z obviously draws on different influences, but her memorable vocals ties it all together nicely. The result is a debut she should be proud of, and a work which should launch her to bigger and better things..
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper April 8, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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