Thursday, April 16, 2009

Review -- THE GRASS -- Rogue Waves

The Grass
The Grass comes to us from Nova Scotia. They are a rock band which proclaims itself psychedelic and southern rock. OK I might not go quite that far. In most cases they don't have the rawness for southern rock, although you can hear the influences in places in Rogue Waves.
They are however a pretty solid rock band, and the flavour of the '70's psychedelic rock is certainly evident on a number of the songs.
The Grass are prolific, with this their fourth CD. It follows after Report All Ghosts reviewed here last April.
Now one complaint off the top is the CD design. Here they went whole-hog for psychedelic, to the point you likely have to be in a Woodstock haze to read it, or a master in hieroglyphics. You don't do yourself any favours when the listener can't even determine what song they are listening too. You loose a half-point on that alone folks.
There are some great cuts here, starting with Ballad of Davey Jones, likely the truest psychedelic piece on the album.
I'd mention a couple of others, like the well-done Superserum, but I honestly couldn't come up with the name without searching it online, which is way too much work. The piece has a great instrumental intro, and again, is one which makes you think psychedelic.
In terms of the southern rock influence, that is most easily heard on Down At The Station.
Even with the jacket design miscue, this CD is a step forward in terms of music for the The Grass from their previous CD Report All Ghosts. The retro-'70s sound – love Hunter's Moon for that -- just works for me, although that may be influenced by the fact I cut my rock teeth growing up in that era. Yep I am getting old.
But with that age comes an appreciation of good music, and The Grass offers it up here. This one is certainly one to grab for all children of the '70s, and lovers of good music.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper April 1, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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