Thursday, April 23, 2009

Review -- WELCOME TO REYKJAVIK -- Music For Sleeping Lovers ... And For Those Who Wake Up Alone

Welcome to Reykjavik
Music For Sleeping Lovers ... And For Those Who Wake Up Alone is a CD which impresses on several levels.
To begin with, the disk is a testament to just how far home recording has come thanks to current technology.
While the CD might not be up to a full studio effort, when you consider it was self-produced, recorded right here in Yorkton in Knox Presbyterian Church, it is a darned fine effort. It speaks to how the world of music has evolved to the point where local musicians can affordably produce quality recordings.
The CD also shows that musician Sean Craib-Petkau is a fine modern day poet. One of the strengths of this CD is the writing. He has a knack for lyrics that have a pop / folk feel. Very nicely done.
The best cuts lyrically are And The Quiet Times, Bridges and A Night. Interestingly Craib-Petkau said he was inspired one night on a break from recording to pen A Night, a song they then laid down on tape within minutes of writing it. Quite a job, on a nice song.
This is Craib-Petkau's second CD, following on the heels of an early 2008 self-titled debut release, again under the name Welcome to Reykjavik.
This time though Craib-Petkau is joined by Emily Kohlert, and that was a very wise decision. Kohlert's voice is a near perfect fit with Craib-Petkau's. Their harmonies are sweet, and another CD highlight. In fact, Kohlert probably needs to be handed a bit bigger role if they stay together. It would be great to see her take the lead on a couple of songs. If you have a good female vocalist, use her.
Having recently heard Welcome to Reykjavik live at their CD release event, Kohlert also added a few brief interludes on trumpet on a couple of pieces not on the album. Here's hoping they use that asset more in the future as well, it was a nice touch.
It is interesting that while I see places for this duo to grow, I still like this current CD very much. It has a laid back, relaxed tone. It doesn't get overly heavy either lyrically, or musically, but is enjoyable.
Grab this CD. Support local music, and get a fine CD to boot.

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper April 22, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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