Sunday, June 21, 2009

Review -- ACTIVE GODDO -- Under My Hat:Volume I

Active Goddo
Bullseye Records
If you are a fan of Canadian rock, and can remember back to the mid 1970s, you probably fondly recall Goddo.
Formed in 1975, and hitting it rather big immediately with Louie, Louie, Goddo never quite had the notoriety of say the Stampeders, or Trooper. They played music with a somewhat harder edge, and were a power-trio from the get go.
Greg Godovitz, Gino Scarpelli and Marty Morin were the line-up, and the three blended well.
Now Bullseye Records has put together a two-disk offering that will have any old Goddo fan drooling. Or, if you just want to build up your Canadian rock library, this is album is a definite must.
On Under My Hat, Bullseye Records really gives us the full-meal deal in terms of this band.
Disk One was recorded at the Tudor Tavern in Cambridge, ON., in 1976, just after Goddo broke onto the scene.
The disk has 17 songs, including O Carole, Already a Memory, Louie Louie, Shakin' Up and Let the Lizard Loose.
Disk Two was recorded in 1977 at The Mustache in Montreal, and collects 15-songs. The material from Montreal included Too Much Carousing, which has some super guitar solo work, Cock On and Hollywood Queen.
The music cooked in the 1970s, and really, it's a refreshing listen today. The music has not lost its edge, and does not sound out of place in terms of today's rock as much as many of Goddo's contemporaries do.
This is a fat disk which really covers the early years of a somewhat under-appreciated Canadian band. Super sweet it is.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper June 17, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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