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Review - -ALENNA MAZUR -- Almost

Alenna Mazur
I have to start this one with a warning, the sugar content here is very high. This is a CD that has a very poppish feel to it, and the lyrics, even om a sadder cut such as I Refuse To Cry, come across as sugary.
Now this is Alenna Mazur's first CD, and she was only 17 when this effort came together, so there isn't a lot of experience to draw on. So that is the good and the bad here.
Let's start with the bad. As much as it pains me to really not like a locally produced CD, Mazur is from Roblin, this effort lacks on several levels. To begin with the lyrics at times seem simply clich├ęd and a tad forces.
Mazur's voice isn't exactly memorable either. Technically she does all right, but it's still more a little girl voice than that of a singer.
The good news starts there though. As Mazur matures, her voice will too, and then she may well have something special, just not today on this CD.
The other positive is that Mazur has no doubt gained a huge amount of experience in getting this CD done, and that will be invaluable as she moves on to her next project. As much as I do not like this CD, I do hope she gives it another go when a bit older so we can she if she can step it up a couple of notches.
Certainly just a few more years will help even with the songwriting as life experiences help with almost any fiction writing.
The effort is here, but the results are just too thin, although there are hints that in time, with greater maturity, Mazur could offer up better.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper June 3, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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