Thursday, June 4, 2009

Review -- CLARA LOFARO -- Perfekt World

Clara Lofaro
ComeTrue Records

Clara Lofaro's release of Perfekt World marks her third effort on the Indie ComeTrue Records.
The good news here is that Lofaro has a surprisingly mature voice. This girl can carry a range of music, and carries it well.
However, her voice's diversity has become something of a trap for Lofaro, as this CD tends to wander a fair bit.
There are cuts here which push to the edges of urban hip hop/rap, with songs such as Don't Push Me and Bitch Go Off. The latter is actually one of the better cuts here. Lofaro's deep voice is allowed to get down and dirty here, and the musical rhythm catches and holds the listener.
Then Lofaro skids across the musical spectrum to a cut such as Birds of a Feather, a song not so far removed from the likes of Saskatchewan singer Connie Kaldor. With a 10-minute music fine tune, this one would be straight country radio-ready.
Waterfall is another cross-over piece, with a rock beat on the CD, yet a country feel which could be exploited with a music re-write.
No Way Home is more a straight rock cut, with a sprinkling of a jazz undertone. This is another very solid effort, as Lofaro let's the power of her voice soar.
Lofaro crosses a lot of genres here, frankly too many.
Vocally, she handles each with a practiced ease, yet the musical mix can be a bit disconcerting. It's hard as a listener to get into a groove here. The divergent musical styles incorporated here create too much of a roller coaster ride for me.
If you take individual songs here, Lofaro has crafted some beautiful works, and they show just how talented she is.
However, if you take the CD as a whole, you may wish Lofaro had reined in the diversity a bit. With a little more focus stylistically as she wrote for this album, she would have created a more unified recording.
There are potential hits here, but finding what radio format to play them will be the challenge, depending on the cut.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper April 29, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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