Thursday, June 11, 2009

Review -- COLLEEN K -- A Light In Your Eyes

Colleen K

It's always interesting listening to a CD which is locally produced. Often you know they are a labour of love for the artist, yet being local, the recordings may never have a broad distribution.
In the case of Colleen K (Kazakoff) of Veregin, she has put out something you can tell is personal to her. You get the feeling each song has some meaning to her, and that she is having a good time putting them on a disk.
This CD is also notable as an effort of passion in that it has 16 songs. How often have I reviewed first time CDs which have only six or seven songs and commented I was left wanting more. That is not the case here, when she put so many songs into the disk. You can tell she has been waiting a long time for her first recording and wanted to make it worthwhile.
However, I must say the CD has a bit too much of the same. There are times you are left wondering sort of where one song ends and the next one starts. I don't mean there is a problem in the recording. It's more a situation of the tone and feel of the material. The tempo of many songs sort of blends with the next. A few change-ups mixed into the recording would have punched up the overall package.
The material here is also interesting. In some cases the music would fit a country format, although generally it has a bit more of a contemporary feel, yet is far from pop or rock.
In terms of exposure, in particular on radio, that puts it in something of a no-man's land. Now there is nothing wrong with forging one's own path in terms of a sound, but it does limit where a CD might take you if you fall through the cracks in terms of format.
So that brings us to the crux of a review, did I as the reviewer like the disk?
Vocally, because the material has a sameness, I was left a little bored by the end. Now that may be a case of this not exactly being my top-five genre of music to listen too.
That said if Colleen K had been just a bit more daring on occasion, pushing herself out of the safe pocket almost all of these songs fit into, it would have been a more compelling effort.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper June 10, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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