Thursday, June 4, 2009

Review -- DREW NELSON -- Dusty Road To Beaulah Land

Drew Nelson
Drew Nelson is a name you will want to remember if you like folk/Americana/country. He hails from Grand Rapids, WI., and wow, can this guy write, and perform killer music.
The CD starts off with Highway 2, and I thought, 'hey that's a sweet intro song'.
Well folks Nelson was just warming up. Waiting For The Sun is a folksy, bluesy, classic in the making. This CD would be worth owning for this cut alone. Simply great.
As good as Waiting For The Sun is, Nelson just never lets up on this CD, Stranger follows as the CD's third cut, and it too is a blast right out of the ballpark.
The way the music rolled out here, I had to double check that this wasn't songs selected from other writers, cherry picking hits. Nope, Nelson is the poet here, penning all 10-cuts. Impressive.
For its genre, Dusty Road is easily the best folk/Americana/country to cross my desk in ages, likely years to be honest.
There is not a weak offering here, and that is saying something, since most musicians miss on a song, or two. Nelson knows the genre, and he has a knack for telling compelling stories in poetic style which he then adds simple played music too. His comfortable, likable voice does the rest, making everything work.
Dusty Road is Nelson's third recording. He produced a six-song EP back in 2001 entitled Recovering Angels, then released Immigrant Son in 2005, as his first full-length effort.
If you want just one country-styled, folk CD this year, four months into 2009, this is certainly the front runner to be the one to have.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper May 13, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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