Sunday, June 21, 2009

Review -- JOHN NEMETH -- Magic Touch

John Nemeth
Stony Plain / Blind Pig

This is another of those fine Blind Pig Record recordings brought to Canada by Stony Plain. The arrangement between the two excellent record labels has been a real winning situation for blues lovers in this country, and Magic Touch from John Nemeth is another example of that.
Magic Touch is the third recording for Nemeth, who has an outstanding voice.
When you add the way he handles the harmonica, you see an outstanding talent emerging in terms of blues music today.
This is a CD with a dozen cuts, and all are pure hot blues from the opening Blues Hit Big Town, which showcases Nemeth's smooth vocals and hot harmonica, 'til he wraps up with Come On.
There are two things immediately evident when listening to this CD, one, Nemeth can sing. He has a voice that flows like silk. There is never as much as a stitch out of place. He just flat out has a great voice.
Any doubt about this guy's voice will evaporate when he hits song two, Blue Broadway, an R&B-style song Nemeth just makes his own.
This is not the gravely, smoky voice, which tends to symbolize blues, but instead, is a higher tenor voice, that really marries R&B style to the blues.
The second thing is that Nemeth uses the harmonica to good effect. He may not be the best harp man you've ever heard, but he spots it well, using as a compliment to what he is doing vocally.
John Calhoun Street adds some really nice piano and organ work here, and The Texas Horns; Mark Kazinoff, John Mills and Al Gomez add depth to the music.
A hot voice that you really must give a listen too. Check him out at

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper June 17, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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