Saturday, June 6, 2009

Review -- RHONDA SILVER -- Twelve Pieces Of Silver

Rhonda Silver
Ah now here is a lady that knows how to put it all together on a CD.
To start with Rhonda Silver has a big voice. It comes across strong and clear, yet she can give it that little bit of a dirty growl when needed, like she does on Sweet Sarah's Blues.
While Silver's voice is golden here, the CD offers so much more too.
This is a big band presentation. They make wonderful use of a full range horn section; sax, trumpet and trombone. When you are playing music is the shadowy world between sweet jazz and blues, horns are a near must.
Jeff Healey is on board too offering up guitar on The First Time I Laid Eyes On You, so you get the feeling Silver went all out here. This particular song just cooks on so many levels too. It's as if having Healey in the mix everyone else turned their game up a notch.
There are 12 songs here, and there is not a bad one in the dozen. Silver just impresses from start to finish.
Some stand out of course, like the aforementioned cuts, and the upbeat Whatever It Takes, which pushes into the realm of R&B, and is simply a hot number.
When Silver slows down the mood on a cut like Here's A Toast To You, she makes the transition wonderfully. What a sweet mood piece.
It is hard to think of a way Silver could have come up with a better effort. The song selection weaves through the related genres, yet stay close enough to one another to feel like a unified effort, and Silver's voice handles them all superbly.
Overall, just an excellent effort, that is a must for jazz fans.

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper June 3, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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