Saturday, June 6, 2009

Review -- ZACHARY LUCKY -- Maps & Towns

Zachary Lucky
If you are a regular at all at the music nights offered up and 5th Avenue Cup & Saucer, then you are probably already a fan of Zachary Lucky, who has performed there on a couple of occasions.
Lucky is a performer who combines a sort of folk-based approach, with soft rock, and at times a sort of country song writing sensibility. The results are songs which catch the listener as they are delivered by Lucky's fine voice, and simple acoustic guitar work.
Of course it maybe shouldn't be a surprise this guy can perform, at least if you believe bloodlines have anything to do with it. Lucky is a grandson of Smiling Johnny who along with partner Eleanor have performed one end of this country to the other for decades. Johnny is a true veteran of Canadian country music, and still has his following.
Now the Lucky name being associated with great music continues with Zachary.
Maps & Towns is a six-song effort, and a folly up to his 2008 release Common Dialogue which also offered up six songs.
On the new CD the best songs are Blanket Tent and Midnight Kids, although all six are solid efforts.
In the case of Midnight Kids, the view might be somewhat biased having heard it played live a couple of weeks back, a rendition where Lucky was joined by Sean Craib-Petkau of Welcome to Reykjavik, and the three members of Treelight Room. It was an amazing collective effort on the song, especially Craib-Petkau's use of a simple suitcase as a hand drum. That memorable effort made the song just that much better, even on the CD.
Lucky is a definite talent who should be heard.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper May 20, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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