Monday, July 27, 2009

Review -- CAMILLE MILLER -- Somewhere Near The Truth

Camille Miller
Zerospace Music
Camille Miller is a veteran of the music scene in Canada with her debut disk released in 1998, and Somewhere Near the Truth her fourth effort.
What is interesting here is that the music seems totally familiar, as if Miller and co-writer Nick Haggar have tapped into the collective memory bank to create material we seem to know.
The disk starts out with the song The Real You, and you are immediately into the music, the lyrics, the voice. It makes you feel at home.
Tear Us Apart continues that feeling. This is an old friend welcomed back to play a few songs.
Spin the Bottle, So Frustrated and Believe come next, and it's more of the same. There is a comfortable sense to these songs.
The style is somewhere on the edge of modern country band soft rock. The songs could be on just about any radio station these days.
In terms of hits, heck you pick one. Believe is powerful and beautiful, and might be my favourite, although that statement would change with my mood no doubt.
The key element for Miller is her voice. She is relaxed, polished, smooth, confident. There aren't any soft spots vocally. All 11 songs come off flawlessly.
It's rare when a CD gives the listener the element of familiarity as smoothly as Miller does here. Another example is I'll Be Good. Very catchy to be sure.
The music here is relaxed too. It compliments Miller's vocals. It is the background, allowing her to use her voice to sell the music, and she does it well.
This is a CD that will have broad appeal because it really does ride the edge of two genres, as Miller finds a way to make music which will please both.
Very nicely done, and well worth looking for.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper July 15, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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