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Review -- THE LAZY MKs -- A Field Guide To ...

The Lazy Mks
Young Soul Records
So for anyone who attended the Yorkton Film Festival Golden Sheaf Awards The Lazy Mks will at least be familiar since they provided the pre-ceremony and intermission entertainment.
The Regina-based Lazy MKs are Tyler Hammer on drums Chris Prpich on bass, and Etienne Soulodre on steel, and really you need go no further than Soulodre's work on the steel as far as getting a feel for this trio.
While the steel gives this music its overall flavour, the drum and bass work are a sweet compliment to rounding out music with a sort of under-stated rockabilly appeal.
On their Myspace page they term themselves 'a steel guitar post-rock' trio. All right, not real sure what they are going for there, but hey, it sounds good.
In terms of music, the steel guitar work invariably gives the sound a sort of country/roots undertone, although you can hear the rock wanting to punch through, in particularly on a cut such as Pakowki, which arguably is the best cut here, because they do push the limits of what they are doing musically the most with the song.
There are only six songs here, and that is too bad, because darn they're fun to listen too. And, yes I know I rarely do Eps, but these guys have played locally, and have some local family ties, so exceptions are made.
Of local interest too should be the cut Burgess Lake, just for the song title.
All the material is strictly instrumental. It works that way, although I could see some fine work with the right vocalist too, a gritty voiced gal fronting these guys would cook.
Still, this is a fine little effort, that really does leave you wanting more.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper July 22, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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