Monday, August 24, 2009

Review -- JULIE DOIRON -- I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day

Julie Doiron
Endearing Records
I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day by Julie Doiron is one of those disks that frankly confuses the heck out of me as a reviewer. I am sure most music listeners have thrown a disk on the player, listened to the music and finding their brow furrowing questioningly as it progresses, as you mentally ask yourself, 'am I liking this?'
In this case as I came to the end of Doiron's work, I had not really formulated a definitive answer to that seemingly basic question.
Doiron plays music in the same general genre as performers such as Diana Z and Pamela Pachal, who have both played at gigs in Yorkton over the past 12-months. Both I'd put a bit ahead of Doiron, but that might be a case of hearing them live giving me some bias in their direction.
This CD is one that grows on the listener. Doiron's vocals and lyrics both sneak up on you in a sense. There isn't that immediate Wow! factor yet you suddenly find yourself appreciating both.
I will admit a couple of songs into the first listen I wasn't sure I cared for this CD is any great fashion. By its end came a realization that this is a disk that had greater depth that initially recognized.
It helped that the third song Lovers of the World has a killer intro that suddenly grabs your attention.
From the third song on, the CD seems to pick up momentum, with songs such as Tailor, Blue and Heavy Snow all very good efforts.
It may be that Doiron's vocals are just rather sweet and subtle, or it might be the lyrics that win you over. In the end it doesn't matter what the catch was, but the CD ends up working.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Aug. 19, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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