Monday, August 24, 2009

Review -- ROSS TAGGART / KEN LISTER / CRAIG SCOTT -- Presenting The Ross Taggart Trio

Ross Taggart / Ken Lister / Craig Scott
Cellar Live

Oh, now if you want to just relax with some straight forward, piano-fronted jazz, and really that is one of the best options for jazz, then The Ross Taggart Trio is a near must to search out.
Taggart is not a new name in terms of Canadian jazz, but this is the first time he has led a trio as a pianist. Hopefully, it will not be his last.
Taggart has a relaxed, comfortable style at the ivories, and that is reflected in the music here,
The opening Ella's Walk is infectious.
Lament For Someone is like a memory, at time clear and bright, at other times more bathed in soft shadows,
Along the way Taggart is complemented well by Ken Lister on bass, and Craig Scott on drums. Both take a backseat to Taggart's lead, but they also make the music fuller and more complete.
That is really noticeable since Taggart wraps up the disk with a solo effort on Lady of the Lavender Mist, and while a piano of course can carry a tune, I wish Lister and Scott were on board for this one too.
Cellar Live has a reputation for coming out with memorable CDs, that often introduce new combos. In this case it is a combo that meshes together perfectly.
Jazz lovers, this is one you must have. Check it out at


-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper July 29, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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