Monday, August 24, 2009

Review -- VOLCANOLESS IN CANADA -- The Way Forward

Volcanoless In Canada

I suspect Volcanoless In Canada will always be a band that I will listen to with something of a jaundiced ear.
As a journalist I've been covering this band for some time now since both Mitch Lysak and Joel Hryniuk are from Yorkton.
As an occasional music judge, I've also got to review these guys on stage a view years back. The band actually finished second in the competition to the Foam Lake-based Go. Had they had the material from this new disk that day it is likely the order of finish would have been different.
The Way Forward is a major step forward for Volcanoless musically, and that is saying something, since their debut album was excellent in its own right.
But, that initial disk came out quite some time ago, and in the ensuing years, Volcanoless has become more mature and worldly in their music. That I suppose is only natural considering the band has toured a ton since the first disk was struck, including several weeks in Britain, a tour which obviously influenced these guys as it pokes its head through in the music on the latest effort.
The disk starts off with Make Up Your Mind, a solid cut and from there Volcanoless stays high energy throughout.
And, therein lies the true secret to what makes Volcanoless as good as they are. This band is about energy. You can hear it in the guitar work of Levi Soulodre, Hryniuk and Lysak, and of course the base work of Enver Hampton, and more important in the lyrics of the band. This is of course guitar-powered rock, yet the band never lets the guitar work overshadow the vocals, and that is a major plus, because they can write songs.
The best songs here are pretty simple to select, pick any of the 11, and you are going to be right. That said, I particularly like House of Souls, Shedding Skin, Just Tell 'Em Ye Alrite, Mexican Circus and A World Soaked In Gold.
If there is any justice in the music world, this in the disk which should launch Volcanoless onto much larger stages. This CD is about as good as it gets in terms of content.
Just an excellent job. Buy this disk now.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Aug. 5, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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