Friday, September 18, 2009

Review -- FARIDEH -- Symphony Of Chemistry


I have to say that I like a CD where the artist puts their best cut first and foremost, using the first song to catch attention.
Well Farideh does that here, with the song Heart of a Man, which is simply a fantastic song which showcases both her voice and her knack for writing fine lyrics.
Farideh is another one of those musicians that you listen to on disk, figure they came out of the big city music environ of a major city like TO, and then realize she's from Saskatoon. Actually Saskatoon has an amazing music culture, and guess what Farideh makes it a richer one.
As a songwriter, Farideh is very good.
Edgecliff Station is a wonderful piece, Sidelines is a slower-paced effort, that really allows Farideh's voice to shine, and My King, My Beloved, while having more of a pop feel, is simply excellent (can you say hit). She is also a song which has to draw attention.
Vocally, Farideh is smooth, clear, and compelling. She really draws you into her world.
So what style does she perform? Increasingly labeling music is harder as good musicians blend styles in new ways, blurring the lines between styles in the process. Farideh does that.
From the material you think folk, but a cut like Caterpillar reminds me of something the Too Good Tanyas might perform, and they are not folk.
There are elements of pop here, and Farideh gives a nod to R&B when discussing her music. In the end just mark her music and this disk down as darned good.
It is impressive that a lady with this talent is from Saskatchewan, and played in Yorkton at 5th Avenue Coffee Saturday. We are very lucky when music this good comes to the city live.
This is a definite winner. Check her out at

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Sept. 16, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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