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Review -- WILLIE MACK -- The Journey

Willie Mack
Aim Music

Willie Mack is a country artist who fits today’s vision of country.
Mack is sleek musically. There are no edgy risks here. The lyrics are catchy. They are clipped and manicured for country radio, or what passes for country today.
The sound is shiny, catchy, sort of the equivalent of what pop is to rock.
Add in what I suspect most gals would see as hot looks, I would ask my wife but she’s sleeping late as I write this, and you have a well-measured country package in Mack.
Now you might want Mack to at times risk just a little more musically. He sticks to the well-paved highway here, never getting close to taking a grid road that might throw up a rock or two, let alone hitting a dirt road to roar off in a cloud of dust.
That said, success is measured in terms of radio play in the world of music today, and there is a half-ton truck load of potential radio singles among the 16-songs here.
By the way, you have to love an artist who offers up 16-songs in an era many artists are content pumping out six-song EPs.
So what are the hits here?
Well, Just the Way You Are comes to mind immediately. Very catchy.
Of course you can say that about I’m Gonna Love Her, and You’re My Hometown, and several other songs here.
In most cases they will easily make a radio rotation, although most won’t be remembered too long. They are hits today and forgotten tomorrow country, but hey that sells today.
There are songs you just know are going to be on music request shows for years into the future. Mack has at least come up with one of those songs with She Won’t Be Little Long. Dads who are into country music will be requesting this one for daughter’s birthday’s for years. It really does capture the sentiment of fathers. I know the lyrics had me thinking of Heather when she was a little girl (had to add that to see if she reads dad’s reviews).
Mack also can also do the tongue-in-cheek, yet fun song. Howdy Eh is a decidedly Canadian tune that touches on patriotism on this side of the 49th, and touches on many of the little idiosyncrasies which make us Canucks.
In general terms I might like greater depth here, but I will admit I got caught up in the catchy effort Mack puts forward. This may be fast-food country, but at least it’s good fast food, sort of the Fuddrucker’s burger of country.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Oct. 14, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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