Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Review -- THE HIGGINS -- Real Thing

The Higgins
Open Road Records
The Higgins are one of those family units which keeps popping up in the world of music, more often in the vein of Celtic, although there is no shortage of sibling bands on the country side of things either.
In this case the unit is Kathleen, Eileen and John Higgins.
As you might expect the Real Thing is all about the harmonies. It really comes down to being the gals powering the music here. Kathleen and Eileen dominate, with their voices in perfect sync. John is sort of an underlying element which adds some depth to the music, but rarely gets to step into the spotlight himself.
The music is at its best based on the tight harmonies. It really is enjoyable to hear two voices which come together some seamlessly.
In time though it would be nice to see John brought out of the shadows a bit. As it stands this is a female album, and as a family unit they could add another element by using John as a counter balance.
Musically, this is a disk that is completely geared to today’s radio. Every song is fashioned with a hook that radio programmers seem to look for as the first element they want to hear to add a song to the playlist.
As a result the lyrics aren’t particularly memorable. They are modern country, designed for today, forgotten tomorrow.
The one exception is Factory Girl, the only song not likely to make radio, and it’s only 1:42 long, but its the truest effort here.
Now while the music is radio-ready, there are still songs here it’s hard not to like.
I Got No Time (For a Little Boy), is a song where The Higgins seem to get a bit of emotional fire going, and it shows.
Then there is Flower Child, a single release which fits radio like a glove, but the song comes across as one where The Higgins know the song is a tad superficial. The harmonies are tight, but the emotion isn’t embodied like it is in the aforementioned efforts.
This is radio-ready country, which means hits galore. In the future though I hope The Higgins add a bit more emption to their music.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Oct. 28, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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