Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Review -- JASON GREELY -- Self Titled

Jason Greeley
Royalty Records
If you are a fan of Canadian Idol, you may recall the name Jason Greeley, a top-four finisher from 2004.
Well Greeley is back in the spotlight with a new CD.
Greeley, who hails from Alberta, is showing his western roots on this disk, going full bore country. The good news, this sure seems to be where he feels most at home.
Darn this guy can sing country folks.
In a world where country of late has not generally impressed, especially the solo performers, Greeley kicks it hot and solid.
The lead cut Born That Way was a little, well let’s say a bit too radio for me.
But, Usually, the second song put Greeley in the groove, and from there he found his country stride. There is enough radio here, to get airplay, but there is a bit more to the sound too.
Goodbye Jersey is very solid. I like it.
Around for a Reason did it for me too. Greeley is making a fan as he goes here.
Get A Life is solid too, and Live Our Lives really cooks.
There are a couple of miss steps along the way; Slammin Doors is a little annoying in its style, but as a whole Greeley shows a lot here.
Greeley does pen a few of the songs here, including Slammin Doors and Born That Way, neither being among the best here, so that side of his game needs some polish.
But, vocally, there is a lot of lustre to his work.
This is a country effort well worth searching out. Check it out at

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Nov. 4, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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