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Review -- SOULS IN RHYTHM -- Funklore

Souls In Rhythm
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Souls In Rhythm is a band out of Calgary with a sound you might not expect of a city that is often thought of as the cowboy capital of Canada.
This band is a few country miles from country, but it’s worth traversing those miles to listen to their music.
Souls In Rhythm is a funk/soul squad, and while that may deem geographically out of place in Calgary, one listen and you won’t care where they are from, you’ll just be glad you were along to listen to their sweet vibes.
Of course the band is developing a rather solid resume, winning the CBC Showcase Competition, a finalist in the Alberta-wide Big Break Songwriting Competition and winning Calgary’s Last Band Standing Performance Competition.
Scott Henderson, is SIR’s keyboardist, as well as supplying vocals, and frankly he could be fronting a funk group of Detroit. The guy has the voice that fits the genre, soft, melodic, engaging.
Of course engaging is critical to funk. If this music doesn’t get you involved in the feeling of the genre, it fails. SIR gets and ‘A’ on that test of their music.
Caleb Roddick, on bass, Spencer Cheyne on drums and Craig Newnes on guitar round out the four-man band.
There are 11 songs here, and quite frankly there is not a weak effort from the opening Girl Work through the final cut Heaven, So I Can Life With Myself.
The disk is so solid picking a best song really comes down to putting the 11 titles in a hat, and drawing one out. The Same, I Release Me and I Got This end up being just a smidgen ahead of the rest.
This is a super disk. Find it. It is a winner from start to finish.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Nov. 4, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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