Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The Grass Mountain Hobos
Bluegrass is sadly an increasingly rare musical treat. When a good bluegrass crosses the desk you have to just sit back and enjoy. Excuse me while I just soak in The Grass Mountain Hobos disk Zoot!
Ah! Yep, that’s bluegrass all right. Sweet!
Interestingly the band comes from Charlottetown, where you expect to hear Celtic-influenced East Coast folk.
Thankfully The Grass Mountain Hobos cut their own sound. The band’s website at suggests their sound is “a swing, bluegrass, blues, and folk infusion.”
All right, I see where they’re coming from with that description, but at its heart this disk is a bluegrass one.
Cuts such as Scrape the Paint, Hillbilly Fix and Zoot Suit are bluegrass through and through.
That said a song such as Graveyard Shift is more fully a folk song, telling the story of a worker coming home after a work shift to find their partner in bed with another. A great set of lyrics on this one.
If you’re looking for the swing influence, look no further than Kansas City Kitty.
The band includes; Josh Ellis on lead vocals and guitar, Peter Cann, guitar, Peter Webb, banjo, Thomas Webb, big bass bull fiddle, Thomas Kirkham, mandolin, and Gordie MacKeeman, fiddle. As a unit they come as smooth as good home brew, not that I’ve ever partaken in such spirits.
A must for lovers of bluegrass. Find this one.

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Dec. 9, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada


cmusic said...

awesome group.

Anonymous said...

The Grass Mountain Hobos justn won Bluegrass Recording of Year and Entertainer of Year for Music PEI 2010. This is 2nd year in arow for them.

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