Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Review -- COMPLIATION -- (weewerk) is 6!

(weewerk) is a small label out of Toronto which shows that small can still be very good.
(weewerk) is 6! is a disk which celebrates the label’s sixth anniversary by compiling 23 songs from among the bands which have recorded with them over the years. In six years (weewerk) has worked with some very fine bands, and you get a little taste of a bunch of them here.
The disk includes material such as Burn Out by Ox, In the Red by the FemBots; No No No Yes from The Unsettlers, and This Is My Address by Susie Asado.
As you might expect a range of bands and soloists are featured here, with only a couple of acts given more than one slot. The Great Lakes Swimmers are featured on three songs including the lead cut Song For The Angels and Two-Minute Miracles has two including The First Thing I Hear Upon Waking.
Compilation disks by nature are interesting. The best ones have some common theme which tie the various bands together musically. In this case there is no theme, yet the songs here fit rather well as a cohesive package because (weewerk) is a small enough label that the bands they have chosen to promote all fit snugly in the same genre.
(weewerk) was founded in November 2002, and since then, the label has released some 30 albums with 16 artists, featuring folk, roots, bluegrass, alt-country musical acts from Canada and beyond.
A very solid effort to celebrate a great little label that has proven good indie music can sell enough disks if a label is dedicated to the effort. Let’s hope they are doing the same things six years into the future.
Check this one out at www.weewerk.com.

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Jan 13, 2010 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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