Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Review -- THE PAPERBACKS -- Lit From Within

The Paperbacks
Parliament of Trees
You can rarely go wrong when a band offers up a two-disk set of their music, and that is exactly what The Paperbacks do with Lit From Within.
The Paperbacks are currently Doug McLean, Jaret McNabb, Corey Biluk, Kevin Andrechuk and Kevin McLean, although the Winnipeg-based band has gone through a number of lne-up changes over time.
The disk, which won’t hit stores until January, is the band’s third CD release, and it’s a massive one with 32 songs over the two disks. That is a rather Herculean effort for a band when not attaching a ‘greatest hits’ label to such an effort.
The new double album is produced by Jaret McNabb (Projektor ‘Tired Atlantic South’ EP, The Paperbacks ‘An Episode of Sparrows’).
The band’s website explains, “on their new release The Paperbacks continue their exploration of powerful and unlikely lyrical topics. While their previous CD, An Illusion Against Death, questioned the role of art in the life of the artist, Lit From Within examines more fully the motivations behind art and activism, their parallels, and the effect of each on the health of the practitioner. ”
The key to the music is that the Paperbacks know how to write lyrics. These are the types of songs which tell stories, makes comments, and ask questions. To do that, the band lets their songs take on the life they need too. The Arc of a Light is an example. It registers at more than six-minutes, and is worth every second of the time devoted to it.
There is just a ton of music to like here. The Paperbacks simply settle in and let their indie rock carry the day, thanks to lyrics definitely learned from a storytelling folkie at some point.
Highly recommended for the sheer volume of good music you get on the two disk set.
Check it out at www.thepaperbacks.com

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Dec. 23, 2009 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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