Sunday, March 28, 2010


The Marc Atkinson Trio
Warner Music

As you might assume from the title, this in the fourth CD for The Marc Atkinson Trio which was formed in 2000.
In the ensuing years the trio has garnered international attention having “toured North America, England and Europe and has received standing ovations everywhere they perform from the Montreal Jazz Festival to the Vancouver International Folk Festival to DjangoFest Northwest,” according to their website at
Certainly the trio cooks up a wonderful 50-minutes of music on IV. The CD features 11 Marc Atkinson original compositions and one rearrangement of a Russian Rag.
In terms of style, the website relates, “his (Atkinson’s) catchy compositions, found on the self-titled CDs I, II, III and now IV take guitar beyond the usual repertoire and sound. The tunes have a fiery but elegant guitar style, infused with a catchy blend of influences. All this while still maintaining the laidback humour and casual 'good time feel' of Canada's West Coast. Atkinson's picking has been described as flawless, surprise-filled, sizzling and supremely melodic. His music is original, complex and challenging in its conception and delivery but remains accessible and absorbing.”
That works for me. The music here does come across as fun. A song such as Between the Wakes really has one thinking of a scene like a pup chasing a butterfly at times.
Guitarist Atkinsion is joined by Joey Smith on bass and Michael Hamilton on rhythm guitar.
If you like guitar music, or just a relaxing disk for fun, this is one to give a long listen too.

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Feb 10, 2010 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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