Sunday, March 28, 2010

Review -- THE MARIGOLDS -- That's The State I'm In

The Marigolds
The Marigolds are a trio that I must say created some interesting thoughts when I first checked them out.
To start with the spot on MySpace describes their music as roots music / country / jazz. Now roots and country are kissing cousins in terms of music, but in my mind it was going to be a challenge to incorporate jazz into the mix smoothly.
Then I considered the make-up of the trio, which includes Gwen Swick, Suzie Vinnick and Caitlin Hanford. That is a rather experienced grouping of Canadian talent.
Now Hanford might be better known as one quarter of the popular vocal group, Quartette, a quartette which Swick too has been involved. That experience in harmonizing and in sharing the spotlight serves both well here.
Vinnick, who is originally from Saskatoon, a singer, songwriter and musician who was awarded the 2003 Canadian Maple Blues Female Vocalist of the Year.
The three ladies have a fine musical pedigree.
The three are also established songwriters, and they actually all had their hands in co-operatively creating three of the songs here, including A Little Bit of Heaven and For Your Love. I suspect the effort of songwriting together helped galvanize this trio.
The disk is at its best when it is focused most on roots. Sometimes I Think I Can Fly is a bluesy/rootsy piece which rises above a very solid collection of 14-songs here.
Why Baby is another cut that has a sort of ragtime feel that is infectious.
Overall the Marigolds are a smooth trio who harmonize well with a selection of music that is simply relaxing to listen too.
Very solid effort as one would expect from such veteran performers.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Feb 17, 2010 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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