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Review -- NATE SAWKIW and BEN NAGY -- Nate & Ben

Nate Sawkiw and Ben Nagy

If there is one thing that technology has allowed, it is a proliferation of basement CDs that have production qualities which are well above the scratchy mish mashes which used to come out of garage bands with an 8-track recorder.
In even a small city like Yorkton there are several musicians who have amassed enough computer programs and recording gear to do a solid job of laying down some musical tracks on a disk.
Ben Nagy is one of those, and he has actually been rather prolific with this disk being his fourth. In this case the 10-song effort is in collaboration with Nathan Sawkiw, with Sawkiw penning three songs, and the pair sharing credit on a fourth song.
Now if you are familiar with Nagy’s previous works, such as his Dr. Qtron CD, you will appreciate he doesn’t usually follow the crowd in terms of music. He goes off on his own, and dares the listener to follow him down a decidedly twisted little rabbit hole to a world where his music resides.
With Nate & Ben, Nagy actually comes back into the more ‘normal’ musical world a bit. Yes there is still some anger in the lyrics, and adult language of course, but this is really a rather straight ahead rock album.
Nagy manages to subdue his usual penchant for warped humour, and keeps the music more serious. He deviates back to the safety of humour on one cut, but in general terms there is a greater level of maturity in the lyrics here.
Sawkiw is the new voice here. On cuts he wrote; Kill Your TV, Lose It and Scrunge, you hear music that has something of a ‘60s feel to it. It’s a nice contrast stylistically on the disk.
So in general terms, this CD is a step closer to the modern rock world for Nagy, although it is in no way a sell-out to following the normal conventions of the genre. The likelihood of this being on radio anytime soon is rather remote.
Still local music fans should support local artists, and this is well-worth checking out.
The disk will be available at Fuzztone Music and B3Xtreme Sports in Yorkton.
You can check out Nate & Ben at

-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Mar 17, 2010 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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