Sunday, March 28, 2010

Review -- RICASSO -- Overgrown


Ricasso is one of those fine Saskatchewan artists who just keeps doing what he does best, create fine indie music.
Overgrown is Ricasso’s third CD effort, following Pollution and Disgraceland, both darned fine disks in their own right. Of note the bluesy title cut of Disgraceland finds its way to the new disk as well.
That said, I do believe Ricasso takes it to the next level here. The songwriting on the 13 songs is just a step up from previous efforts. That could be because Ricasso seems more focused on just writing a good song as opposed to trying to create a message in the words of his previous albums. Dear Abbey Road, the lead cut is an example of the change. There is not a lot of depth to the lyrics, but the song is so catchy and infectious you are singing along to the chorus on the first listen.
The next cut is the title cut, and as it should be, it is easily the best song on the album. It is lyrically strong, emotional, and compellingly rendered.
Of course if you are familiar with Ricasso from his previous CDs, or past appearances at Holly’s Nite Club, you expect him to be spot on vocally, and I assure you that he is in the groove from start to finish here.
After the superlative Overgrown, Ricasso gets into a rhythm and just adds one solid effort after another on this disk.
Three Words is a beautiful song, with some truly lovely guitar interludes. Musically this is a great piece.
Speaking of beautiful songs, The Same Sky is another sweet love song.
Pictures of You has a sort of subtle Spanish thing going on which works nicely as a musical change of pace.
Hangin’ On ends the disk, and rates in the top two, or three songs here.
And, in case you think Ricasso has abandoned protest songs altogether, there is Buy Yourself, a song with a definite message.
This is a disk which really takes Ricasso up a level. Find this CD, you will not be disappointed.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Feb 3, 2010 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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