Monday, May 17, 2010

Review -- BRAIN SAUCE -- Individuality Is An Old Commodity

Brain Sauce

When you get a CD from a band named Brain Sauce you’re not quite sure what to expect,
So you toss it on the player, half expecting screamer metal, or something out of left field.
Then the band comes at you with A Theme From Antic Hay (Whats a Man to do?) which is a seven-minute rock anthem, with a hint of blues and you go this is pretty cool stuff.
The Moose Jaw band wins fans with the opening cut.
But this is a progressive indie rock band according to their webpage at
That means the band is more out in left field than the first song might indicate.
Gomer’s Shuffle has a sort of southern rock meets bluegrass/folk feel, that doesn’t quite fit with the lead cut.
But the third song, Dirty Disco, does build on the southern rock feel of Gomer’s Shuffle. The pluck of the big bass, the rhythm of the song, the pacing of the vocals, yep southern-fried and served up hot.
That southern feel tends to dominate the rest of the way, on cuts such as Marijuana Stole My Baby, which admittedly has some progressive licks mixed in.
The band includes Brodie Mohninger, Mark Lowe, John Dale, Steve Leidal and David Howard.
This is a fun album. You can tell the band was having a blast pumping out the tunes. This is just good old rock with a few little twists, and that is really a nice change as many bands are trying to create art. This is rock for the sake of rock. Check it out folks, a solid effort from a Saskatchewan band.
-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper May 5, 2010 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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