Monday, May 17, 2010

Review -- THE BRAVEST GHOST -- Self-Titled

The Bravest Ghost

Yorkton’s own Sean Craib-Petkau is back with a new disk, this time a self-titled effort for his new recording persona The Bravest Ghost.
Local music fans should recall Craib-Petkau for his Music For Sleeping Lovers ... And For Those Who Wake Up Alone, which was recorded under the name Welcome to Reykjavik. That disk was released just about a year ago, and rated an 8-out-of-10 here.
I am not sure why the change to The Bravest Ghost, it is something which will be somewhat confusing for some fans of Craib-Petkau’s music.
And believe me, there should be fans for this young man, who does a fine job of music that is essentially modern folk in my mind.
The CD has six songs, with an alternate rendition of I Am Hungry as a bonus. The first rendition of the song on the disk is the best, with some very nice harmonica work. The segment is short, but adds to the song.
The alternate rendition of I Am Hungry takes the music a step farther. There is some very nice saxophone added in the song. While the early copy of the disk I have doesn’t state it, I am assuming Emily Kohlert provides the sax work, at least she did at a live performance I heard at 5th Ave Coffee Cup one night. It was the most notable song Craib-Petkau did that night, and frankly it is here too because the saxophone makes it stand out from the others.
North Line likewise uses an interlude with the harmonica effectively. It is an element of Craib-Petkau’s music he needs to utilize more.
Beyond the splashes of harmonica and all too little used saxophone, Craib-Petkau keeps the instrumentation minimalistic, relying on the guitar, and keeping even that simple.
The lyrics are the strength here. They are heartfelt, and Craib-Petkau delivers them with a relaxed, friendly style that makes the disk a pleasure to listen too.
Check it out a
-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper April 14, 2010 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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