Monday, February 21, 2011

Review -- ABSOFUNKINLUTELY -- Blues Kid City


If you ever get to thinking Saskatchewan is devoid of diversity on music, then toss Blues Kid City by Absofunkinlutely (short-form AFL) a band out of Saskatoon which really has its roots a long way from the snow-covered Canadian Prairies.
The band tags its music as "stubble-funk, Prairie-disco, reggae-rock and northern soul" on its fan-page, and I would say yep, that about covers it.
Some American funk, is tossed in with disco — yes that horrid mistake in music made popular by the Bee Gees, although why that happened speaks more of a comatose decade of listeners than good music — then AFL adds a reggae undertone and you have it.
The music comes across most noticeably as funk, although the idea of northern soul works on some of the material, like the lyrics of Soul Sucker.
The group includes Geoff Assman on keyboards, Shaun Dyck on bass, Mike Pierce on drums, with Randy Woods the vocals and guitar.
On the disk the sound is enhanced with the likes of Sheldon Corbett on sax, Kevin Marsh on trombone and Adam Streisel on trumpet.
This is an excellent CD, made sweeter because it's sort of an unexpected effort to come out of Saskatchewan.
The best cut is Take Me Back, a slower-paced love song which brings the music and vocals together to best advantage.
What I Want has a bit more of the reggae-feel, at least in certain elements of the piece.
Overall this would be a fun party band, with generally upbeat music, that has an infectious beat.
For sure this is one to check out.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Feb 9, 2011 - Yorkton, SK. Canada


Anonymous said...

You need to get your head or ears examined because those guys absolutely suck! I heard them in Saskatoon and I couldn't believe they actually think they sound good. The singer is terrible and their songs sound all the same and completely one dimensional and repetitious. Nothing special about this band. Don't quit your day job boys! OMG!

mimi said...

Best band around Saskatoon... Absofunkinlutelely!!