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Review -- THE BRAVEST GHOST -- The Sparrow And The Seed

The Bravest Ghost

The Bravest Ghost is the current stage persona of Sean Craib-Petkau, one of Yorkton’s more prolific musicians. This is his second ‘Ghost’ recording, and he previously recorded as Welcome to Reykjavik.
The first Ghost CD was reviewed here in May, and garnered an eight. This disk is in the same general range, although at times there is a rawness here which seemed less evident on the first disk.
Craib-Petkau said he changed stage names because his music changed. The music as the Ghost is more reflective of himself. He is holding up a mirror to who he is and sharing some of what ticks inside him with the listener.
That is a big step for any artist, and in this case the music takes on a darker feel. This is a melancholy effort, which demands some emotional investment from the listener. What that means is this is a disk which gets better with multiple listens. The lyrics start to leave their impression, which is rarely achieved with one spin.
This is also something of a mood recording. It takes you to some places you might find cause a tear or two, so beware.
I must also say Craib-Petkau, as a young musician, he’s only 19, is very self-aware in his music. When leaving the disk for review he suggested ignoring Cracked Concrete. It is a song which doesn’t quite fit stylistically.
He also picked the song Three Ghosts as a favourite, and again he got it right. It is the best of a very nice overall effort.
Sure it is self-recorded, and that leaves a sort of earthiness to it, but for a strongly folk-influenced, modern essence CD that is just fine.
This is one well-worth seeking out. Check it out at
-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Aug 18, 2010 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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