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Review -- EVAN WESTERLUND -- Stir Crazy

Evan Westerlund

It was back in March 2008 a country album; Howlin' At The Moon, by Evan Westerlund impressed me to the point of earning a 9-out-of-10.
Westerlund is one of the more interesting musicians I have been associated with through years of doing reviews.
To start with, locally people might recognize the name since he is a former Yorkton Terrier netminder, having played with the Junior franchise back in the 1980s.
Of course Westerlund is a long way from Yorkton now. He lives in Sweden. Yes that's not a misprint. He is in Scandanavia, not exactly where you expect country music to come from.
But, that hasn't stopped Westerlund who channels his Western Canadian roots well in putting together his sophomore recording effort.
In many instances musicians often fall off a bit with their second CDs. After a lifetime of music to draw a debut disk from the cupboard gets a bit bare for a follow-up.
Westerlund, who pens a fine country story song obviously has a rather full shoebox of material to draw on.
No, Stir Crazy may not be quite as good as the debut disk, or at least not to my ears two years later, but there is still plenty to enjoy here.
Who's Gonna Take Care of The Horses? is one of the best songs here. It has some nice additional vocals from Amy Courts, and the pedal steel work of Robby Turner takes it a step above the average.
I love the intro to Springtime in Nebraska, and the story of a twister the song tells is well put together. It is simply a great song.
The title cut is a radio-friendly, hit in the making.
Overall an excellent effort by Westerlund.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Dec 8, 2010 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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