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Review -- KIM FONTAINE -- Blue Sky Girl

Kim Fontaine

I have enjoyed Saskatoon’s Kim Fontaine's music in the past. Her Life Happens CD was an 8.5 back in June 2007. At that time I was rating her CD among the best Saskatchewan artist efforts in my collection (one day I need to do a top-10 list).
So, given enjoyment from the Life Happens CD I was very curious to listen to Blue Sky Girl, a disk Fontaine had more than three years to put together. I was intrigued by how she may have evolved as an artist in that time, and whether she could punch a second CD into the top ranks of Saskatchewan music.
So I spun the disk with some rather heady expectations.
The first song on the disk was interesting given my thoughts on this artist.
I was impressed with her vocals on the earlier disk, but less so with the lyrics. On the opening cut Puzzles & Pieces I thought the lyrics were a pretty honest poem regarding someone giving themselves over to another; “giving you all my pieces tonight - every little part of me is coming your way tonight.”
Vocally though, I thought Fontaine was off just a bit on the opening song.
The good news by the time song two starts; Never Too Late, the vocals I fell for in 2007 are back.
And with song three; Help, Fontaine is back in the pocket. Her vocals are fantastic, and in my mind she shows her growth as a songwriter too.
Still overall, it’s Fontaine’s voice that I like most here. She has a voice that at times is less feminine, and that gives it a uniqueness that is enjoyable.
There are improvements here, although she can still grow as a writer. I was impressed with the words to Things I Do For Money, then looked to see Jay Semko was among a quartet of writers on the song, so that pretty well explains that.
Still the lyrics of Postcard From Pincher Creek shows she is growing in that skill.
While overall Blue Sky Girl rates near her earlier work, it doesn’t quite give me the same WOW!, perhaps because of anticipation. Very good, and worth having, just not quite a top-10 pick.
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-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Nov 10, 2010 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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