Monday, February 21, 2011

Review -- ROB MOIR -- This Is The Life

Rob Moir

Rob Moir is one of those artists who really gives a reviewer such as me headaches.
On one hand I can't honestly say his vocals do 'it' for me. The voice isn't one which exactly pleases my ear. That is the reality of reviewing. Sometimes a voice and a listening ear just don't jive.
Then we come to a song like A Love With No Past, and there is some older time country blues going on as an overlay to the song, and suddenly Moir hits a spot that works better for his vocals.
Let Me Down Easy has some '60s country blood too, and again suits the vocal qualities of this Toronto-based singer/songwriter better.
In terms of his own vision of music Moir said, "I love good song writing and artists that take chances, that’s anyone from Neil Young to Frank Turner. I feel that my music is honest and sincere. My lyrics to me are funny is in this subtle way, and very tongue in cheek in a poetic way. I’d say fans of bands like The Weakerthans or Whiskeytown would dig it."
The disk is only a five-song effort, so getting a complete feel for his music is a bit difficult. There are some samples here which suggest if Moir heads down a road leading to more of an old country-blues vein of music he will do well.
If he chooses to go more modern, the vocal style just doesn't work, at least for this listener.
You can of course decide that for yourself Feb. 10, when Moir will play live at 5th Avenue Cup & Saucer in Yorkton.
You can also check him out at
-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Feb 2, 2011 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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