Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review -- KERRI SENKOW -- Self-Titled

Kerri Senkow

Kerri Senkow,is really an interesting musical story.
When you get to know most musicians they relate stories of piano lessons at age eight and performing in church or school projects from an early age. Rare are singers which come to the craft after their teen years, but that is the path Senkow took.
"I've always wanted to be on a stage and perform since a child, but never started performing until I was 20," she recently told Yorkton This Week. "I started out in front of Regina Liquor Stores as a way to make money between jobs and found the response to be encouraging. In September of 2009 I took it beyond a few coffee shops and stores and was booking steadily and since made it my career."
Senkow is somewhat unique in regards to coming to music older than most do.
"I started playing guitar at age 19 with no musical background," she said. "Within two weeks of having no idea what I was doing, I had already begun writing my own songs."
So when Senkow's five-song EP disk arrived, it was one which admittedly was of guarded interest.
The CD is solid if not spectacular.
If you think about it being Senkow's first effort, and that she has limited experience, especially on the song writing side of things, the material comes out in a brighter light. A song like Washington is actually hauntingly beautiful, and shows just what Senkow can achieve. There is a slightly Evanescence quality to the song and that is high praise in my book.
That said, the rest of the disk lacks anything to grab you, and struggles to hold form. Graduation 2004 has a sort of country vibe when Senko sings, and more rock when a male gust picks it up. The harmonica work adds to the country flavour. The song is a miss-matched mishmash. On a five-song effort one bad apple is a very bad thing.
The remaining three songs are fine, although there is a sameness to the material that if it were to continue on a full CD would lead to monotony.
But, back to in experience. If she can build on a song like Washington, forget country even exists and stretch herself a few times, her next disk might be a pleasant surprise.
Check her out at www.reverbnation.com/kerrisenkow
-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Mar 30, 2011 - Yorkton, SK. Canada


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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more wiith the monotony. Of her music. I found it very solemn and boring. When performing in front of an audience a conversation can easily drown out her weak voice. I was completely bored with it and found it all sounded very much the same, and would never purchase her "music".