Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review -- SANDMAN VIPER COMMAND -- Everybody See This

Sandman Viper Command

Coming to music fans out of Burlington, ON., Sandman Viper Command is Rob Janson, Daniel Reardon, Aaron Harvey and Matt Damon Meyer.
"In the beginning, the four best friends who make up the ambitiously named outfit (Rob Janson, Aaron Harvey, Dan Reardon, Matt Meyer) locked themselves up for days in their parents' basements practicing and refining demos, only emerging when they had stumbled upon the most perfect blend of garage pop/guitar fuzz rock this side of the border has heard in a long time. It's this obsessive compulsiveness in their music that pays off huge on their independently released debut, Everybody See This," details the band's bio on MySpace.com
Well I might not suggest this music, and frankly very little music in general is perfect, but within its genre Sandman Viper Command does it pretty well.
Among the dozen cuts here the best is Using Everybody. A solid song with a hook to catch you.
For the most part the band does a credible job of catching the listener's ear.
It's not necessarily the lyrically deepest music on the planet, but I doubt the band was looking to make political statements, or to create rock anthems with the release of this disk.
What they have is a highly listenable album save for one weak spot that being Dial M, a song which drags and has something of a repetitious drone to it.
Overall worth a listen even though Sandman Viper Command is not likely to become a household name based on this release.
Check it out at www.myspace.com/sandmanvipercommand
-- Review first appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper April 20, 2011 - Yorkton, SK. Canada