Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Review -- JOHNNY HATCH -- Indie

Johnny Hatch

Johnny Hatch is from B.C., although he currently calls Regina home.
With Happiness Instead we have a disk which Hatch terms alternative, folk-rock.
All right alternative maybe, but I don't hear the folk heart here at all.
In fact, the disk comes across with what I think of more as a 'California-sound'. Now defining that sound isn't necessarily easy, nor exactly cut and dried, but this effort fits.
Lucky Seven Yeah! is an example. A nice beat teamed with a catchy, but all too repetitious lyric set. The result, the toe taps for a spin or two, but the interest in the song fades pretty quickly.
Hatch likes using a tag line in a song repeatedly. Find The Door uses the same concept, and on the heels of Lucky Seven Yeah! is actually a bit annoying because of it.
The music here is catchy, some of the effects on songs such as Let There Be Peace are actually pretty cool.
However the lyrics are thin, mostly superficial, and that detracts from the disk in a major way.
Check Hatch out at , and go from there.
-- Review appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper May 18, 2011 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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